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Crappie Report Long Creek Area

Nitro 750

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My wife and I launched at Long Creek ramp at about 6:30 and headed towards Brushy.  We were both throwing tube jigs on a 1/32nd oz. head, wife's  was green pumpkin with red flake and mine was green pumpkin, chartreuse with pepper flake.  On my 3rd cast keeper crappie on, but it came  unbuttoned about half way back to the boat.  We crappie fished in small coves and cuts and jigged standing timber.  We ended the day of crappie fishing around 12:30.  Ended up with 9 keeper crappie, 1 goggle eye and 1 keeper bluegill.  Had 3 crappie that went 14 inches and the rest were between 10'' and 11''.  We were throwing to the bank and reeling back real slow, bite was very lite, usually just felt extra weight on the line.  The bigger crappie came from 8 to 10 feet of water, the smaller ones were right on bank out to about 6 feet deep.  You would catch one here and one there, really no good pattern. We only caught a couple short fish jigging the standing timber.  We did catch about 20 to 25 short crappie, between 9 to 9.5 inches, next year they should be keeper size.  The green pumpkin-chartreuse jig was the best color.  Water temp. was 59.     

We bass fished for about 45 minutes before we had to leave.  We caught 5 bass on spilt shot rig with green pumpkin fish doctor.  All were between 12 to 14 inches. 

Crappie 001.JPG

Crappie 003.JPG

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Nitro, thanks for the information. Nice report and the pictures will translate I so a nice meal. Well done. 


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