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Fishing Report 4/17


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Had an opportunity to do some wade fishing on Sunday morning.  At approximately 8am, we fished at Pointe Royale, just to the right of the path.  It was sunny, approximately 65 degrees, with a slight wind at times and no generation.  My buddy said "nickel for the first fish"?  I said sure!  I put on a 1/100th cream/yellow jig with a float (recommended by Chuck from Anglers & Archers several years ago - its usually what I start with every time).  First cast, BAM, indicator went under and fish on!  It looked to be a nice fish and I had 6x tippet on, so I had to take my time.  My buddy was stripping a fly that Carolyn at River Run Outfitters recommended (can't remember the name, but it looked similar to an Olive wooly).  He also caught a fish and seemed pretty proud of the size, so he said "hey I am going to bring this down so you can see it", while I was just landing mine.  He said its an 18" bow.  I admired it and said check out this brown I caught.  He measured it and it was 19", LOL.  The pic below doesn't do them justice.  I am a little rusty on picture taking.  

We released both fish successfully and made a second cast....BAM, another fish.  Third cast......BAM, another fish.  Fourth cast.....BAM, another fish.  We fished for 2 hours and I landed 12 fish and lost 2.  All of them except 2 were nice fish, over 15-16".  Two browns and the rest were bows.  After the first 10 fish, I had to replace my jig with another one because there wasn't much left of it, LOL.  

After several fish, my buddy put on the same jig and I told him to come over and fish next to me.  He caught a couple, but I was definitely in the right spot.  The fish were hanging out approximately 50-60' from shore.  Was great to finally get out and do some wade fishing!



Fish On!

Mike Utt

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from God, that’s why its called the Present!”

"If we ever forget that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD, then we will be a nation gone under" - Ronald Reagan

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