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BASS Elite Tournament Fish


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We have received numerous questions and dispelled many rumors about the fish weighed in during the BASS Elite event. Normally during these events, BASS handles the re-distribution of fish back into the lakes they came from. This year, we elected to handle all the fish in order to try to distribute them better and to get them back to the lakes quicker. All fish were released back into the lakes they were caught in. For the fish caught in Bull, we released them at 7 locations throughout Bull. We released them at 3 locations at Norfork.

We wanted to pass this along incase you heard a conversation about these fish.

Jeremy Risley

District Fisheries Supervisor
AGFC Mountain Home Office - 1-877-425-7577
Email: Jeremy.Risley@agfc.ar.gov

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Kudos to you folks for jumping in and releasing the fish in other locations and spreading them out a bit.

I'd like to see AGFC do that on Beaver lake also for the FLW fish, according to the newspaper, FLW supplied a barge, but released all the fish just a few hundred yards from the Prairie Creek ramp.  2,400 of them so they say.  I really wish they could have done a better job of relocating them throughout the lake, rather than dumping them right at PC.

But, maybe the info I read was wrong, but that's what I read.

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