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Tin Boat Bass Tournament


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I know its a couple weeks early but how many boats you guys normally expect to have for this tournament on Stockton? I will be there to fish this for the first time and am greatly looking forward to it and to meeting a lot of you guys in person.  Is there any special rules for this or baits that are not permitted. Also is the entry fee a per boat or per person?

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We had either 8 or 9 at the Table Rock tourney with pretty miserable weather.  I would expect to see 10-12 at Stockton.   Pretty much normal tourney rules all artificial baits,  A-rig is allowed.  $25 if you fish alone or $50 for a two man team.  $10 optional big bass.   Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Our yearly membership fee is $30.00. That goes towards year end BBQ event. Our tournament fees are $50.00 per boat or $25.00 per angler if you fish alone. 5 fish per boat with penalty for dead or short fish. Late back to weighin is disqualification from that tournament. All boats must have US Coast Guard equipment, operational livewell, kill switch on outboard.

We have some great guys in the club. We fish tournaments to have fun and enjoy each other. Winning is always nice but not needed to have a great time. Tournament schedule with dates/times and lakes are below in another post. 



2017 Tournament Schedule:

March 25 - Table Rock - Cape Fair - 7:30/3:30

April 22 - Stockton Lake - Ruark West - 6:30/2:30

May 20 - Pomme De Terre - Bolivar Landing - 6:30/2:30

June 17 - Table Rock - Aunts Creek - 6:00/2:00

July 15 - Stockton Lake - Ruark West - 6:00/2:00

August 19 - Pomme De Terre - Bolivar Landing - 6:00/2:00

September 16 - Table Rock - Cape Fair - 6:30/2:30

October 14 - Stockton Lake - Ruark West - 7:00/3:00

November 4 - Pomme De Terre - Bolivar Landing - 7:30/3:30


I copied it over from the facebook page for ya. Hope to see ya there. 

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Well if it's at least .100 ga. Foil then come join us for some great tourneys. ?

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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