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The ultimate Ned Rig rod

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I have read a lot of what some of you are using.  So far I am not seeing anything that I have any experience with.  I am no planning to have one built but may get a better understanding of what will be good to look for.

So if you were going to have a spinning rod technique specific for fishing the Ned Rig what would it be?

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If you could find a G.Loomis SJR 781 in IM-6, you'd have it nailed, IMO.  I fished a lot of Ned-like baits back in the day, and my all-time favorite was an IM-6 SJR 721 (six inches shorter).  I sold it in a clear-the-garage mood and should not have done that.  I did save an Enders rod built on the Loomis IM-6 blank in a slightly heavier version. Fishing a Ned with it now, I find I'd like a little more length, hence the 781 recommendation. 

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Check out this other topic it will answer a lot of your questions




I've read it a few times.  I am most interested in knowing rod length, action, power, etc instead of brand names.

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I use a couple of 6'6"-6'9" ML fast sticks for throwing 1/32-1/16 heads shallow. Out to 10'-15'. DS or walleye type rods. Covered the brands in the other recent thread. Softer tip, fair amount of power, but not so fast it risks the light line.

For the 1/8 head, working deeper, more wind, etc., I lean on 7'6" rods, mostly custom. Not to be confused with fancy or expensive. Those are ML-M, on the lighter side of the power, but still getting into the blank fairly quickly. Seems long, but that extra rod helps sticking them at depth or distance, especially with the slack line technique, and when a brown fish goes crazy at boatside. Those blanks are cheap ones, made to resemble (vaguely) the old IMX hot shot blanks. Very good at dragging a bait along the bottom.

Picked up several factory 7'6" rods, nothing over $130. Of those the Abu Venerate M, Daiwa Tatula ML, and the Fishing 13 Omen Green M saltwater feel more "right" than some others.

The trick is in finding a tip that won't take it away, but isn't a noodle on a hookset.

All of the above is a super nuanced take on it, from someone who throws it well upwards of 75% of the time. A $40 Daiwa 6'6" or 7' from Academy will also flat catch them, without all the dialing in.


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