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Bass & crappie


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I caught a quick limit that weighed 14.7 yesterday, pitching a jig behind shallow docks.   I wanted to hit some steeper bank areas but the wind was just too rediculous. A Carolina rigged lizard on slow tapering points and along gravel/chunk mix banks should be working great within the next few days, if not already. 

As soon as they stop sucking the lake back down AGAIN, the crappie will be running the banks and you won't be able to NOT catch a good mess.

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We had a club tourney this past weekend. We found fish 1/2 to 3/4 ways back in coves on secondaries and in pockets. Seemed if you caught one there was more there as we had a few flurries. They will be moving on beds this week, just had 3 Kentuckies on beds at my dock today (28 mm) that were not there yesterday. I threw the a-rig Saturday till 1:00 without a fish while my non-boater boated 3 keepers and eventually had a limit behind me before switching to a shakyhead and ended with 4 keepers from 1:00 till 3:30. Sunday they were bipping the shakyhead and then set hook a number of times on air so I switched to a wobble head and had limit by 8:30.



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14 hours ago, Bushbeater said:

The Crappie are on the banks shallow now in the Niangua. Chartreuse tube with a black head worked for me. Afternoon water temp 60 degrees.

Thanks for that report!  Headed to the niangua this weekend.  May have to find a way to take an extra day.

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