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Goose fest redoux


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      Well the official annual goose fest was a slow one as it was during the big freeze so we did a redoux. The girls were working so this was a guys hunt of two days. Last Thursday and Friday. Since the big nice warm up and the southerly winds howling in the canada geese began pouring in. When Brad arrived Wednesday afternoon I took him for a short scouting trip. His eyes got real big seeing the numbers around. There was one pond in particular that was being used heavy. They were not roosting there just daily loafing. Day one this would be the set up. A really flat pond with short grazed fescue. No cover at all but this is what the birds like as they can see along ways for predators making it a safe place. I cut three thirty gallon bags of long fescue for putting on the layout blinds. Up early Thursday morning we set up and prepared  for the hunt. Groups of birds going in every direction. Quietly and I mean making little sound and they wanted very little calling. We pulled in two early groups and took out our six birds. Brad with the results,

thumbnail_0125180907b[1].jpg    As we were picking up more wanted in and as we got back to the truck others were landing,

    Day two we decided to go to same place but set up where the birds really wanted to land from previous day. We wanted them even closer in our face head shot distance. So adjustments were made and it was a quick shootout with very little meat damage :) ,

thumbnail_0126180848a.jpg   Good hunt with a good friend and it made up for the freeze up hunts from a few weeks back,




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