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Opening day report?

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Pretty much sucked!!  Water is very dingy.  Only action has been in CG 4 yesterday 3 cars and 4 PR's babysetting some boys that cant play together well (alcohol?).  Then just a few minutes ago another one went up the hill.  What the heck is going on down here.  Can't people get along?

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5 hours ago, snkrohn said:

I hope they had trouble making bail.     

As far as I know, getting noisy in a campground isn't a jailable offense.  Getting kicked out is about as severe as the punishment gets unless someone files assault charges.

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Is this all we get for an opening day report?  Didn't get there until noon due to work.  Crowd was light and the afternoon weather was great.  Most of the fish caught were nice sized, not dinks.  Someone forgot to blow the evening siren until 6:15.  It's always enjoyable to chop wood at 5:00 a.m. when you've been up late due to a noisy camping neighbor.

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