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3/2/18 fishing report

Skeeter ZX190

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Put in at 9:30 a.m. at Orleans Trail and started out at the buoy line on the north side of the cove and started working my way down that bank to the east.  I started throwing a jerk bait  and then an A rig.  Did get a small bump on the A rig and saw a small bass follow it.  I noticed on the graph some marks on the bottom in 14 to 16 feet of water.  I pulled out the Ned and had 4 bites and 2 fish in the boat on my first 4 casts.  I ended up catching 9 along that stretch of bank.  From there I headed to Hawker and threw the A rig and jerk bait.  Caught a keeper largemouth on the A rig but that was it.  Headed for State Park and caught a couple on the ned.  Then started working my way back toward Orleans Trail.  By the end of the day I had caught 21 bass and 1 REALLY nice walleye that I think was around 22 inches long.  My measuring board goes to 18 1/2 and the tail hung over by quite a bit.    Caught 15 on the ned, 2 on the A rig and 5 on the jerk bait.  6 of the bass were over 15 inches but nothing bigger than 16.  Overall a better day than Monday in both quantity and quality.  



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Nice looking fish there pard.  That is a good day in any body's book.  I got to go but could only last 4 hours.  I put in at Hartley and drove up the river so see how bad the mud was.  It is nasty.  I fished a few places to see if there was a mud bite.  There wasn't one for me.  I drove back to the clearer water and fished until I had to quit.  I threw a bunch of stuff but only caught fish on the A rig.  I only caught 6 green fish but all were keepers.   If I can I'm going back Sunday am.

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