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Some finally here in billetHeadVille too

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                Found a couple hens beginning to emerge. Checked two other hot spots and nothing there yet. Two small comb tooth not big enough for use and a Bearded tooth that had gone too far,

thumbnail_1010181453 - Copy.jpgthumbnail_1010181453a - Copy.jpg  Got to decide to pick or let them get a bit larger,    


"We have met the enemy and it is us",


   If you compete with your fellow anglers, you become their competitor, If you help them you become their friend"

Lefty Kreh

    " Never display your knowledge, you only share it"

Lefty Kreh

         "Eat more bass and there will be more room for walleye to grow!"


    " One thing in life is for sure. If you are careful you can straddle the barbed wire fence but make one mistake and you will be hurting"


  P.S. "May your fences be short or hope you have long legs"


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As you know we did get across the bay and went to a state park on the bay where one can find fossilized sharks teeth. There was a 1.8 mile hike through the woods down to the bay. We found hundreds of mushrooms. Lots of giant ones.





Some that smelled awful.


Most of the mushrooms were not edible or interesting for us to harvest. Though I did spot a choice Beard's tooth (Lion's mane) mushroom. Looked like it was getting a bit older and I left it.


Livie found the best find of the day - a small hen of the woods! this one did come home with us!


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