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New CORPS notification for tailwaters

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Email from David Pitt:

We've added a new feature that will notify you, with a text message, when water generation changes up or down...
Text  "w table" to 913-270-0360  and you  will be texted current generation when release/discharge changes. 
You can still text "g table" and "s table"  to get current and scheduled  generation. 
It supports all tailwater's on the white river system, bull, beaver, littlered, norfork,  and more...
Here's a web site with more documentation on this utility. Feel free to share. 
David Pitt

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Try g beaver, or w beaver, or s beaver per instructions on linked site.

18 hours ago, Danoinark said:

I put table b in for Beaver and it said it did not recognize it.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.



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Thanks Phil, I’ll see how it works this weekend. 

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