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Well I have not seen my boat in nearly three months over at State Park. The rent for the slip and lift came due and I decided to not give up on Stockton while fishing Cape Fair and paid it for another year. Told the grandsons when it dropped 10' we would give her a go.  Hopefully all of my batteries are not gone due to lack of trickle. 

Spent the last 7 weeks in the RV in northern CO fishing amazingly fertile deep sandpits. These were 5 different lakes leased by a friend this being his 25th year. The largest of which was deep and barren of any shore debris be it chunk rock, laydown we are talking shaped like cereal bowl. We would fish from 5AM to 1PM daily and in the afternoon shoot trap, wobble or sporting clays and at least a day a week we would hit the pistol range or rifle distance range.

In almost 8 weeks we may have caught 5 fish that were shallower than 15-19 FOW. We decided to use our electronics idle around.  What did we find out there offshore...... a road with drainage ditches on either side,  three humps made from the mining rock debris an a couple pieces of ming equipment. My friend had named the humps hogback 1 2 and 3 years ago. There were several concrete  slabs near the deepest center area that were in 33 FOW that raised up about 3'. The were nicknamed "the factory"  and where I caught my largest keeper (5 pounds 12 oz.) All bass held on schooled fish at aprox 25 FOW depending on time of day.  Bait balls everywhere due to CO wildlife resource introducing shad about 10 ago as forage and  this lake iss strictly a trophy lake catch and release. Interesting mention there was a plaque showing 100 shad being reintroduced into the 70 acre lake by the ramp and now there are millions.

We would leave early if each had caught his fifth solid keeper. Fish were in the 2-6 pound range.

Primary baits: carolina with 5" Roboworm (grey/silver)

!/2 oz football jig with various creatures in a shad pattern 

(Nothing heavier than 12 pound flouro)


Hoping to get down Wednesday with a left over 100 flexible solar panel and a left over 20 amp MPPT charge controller  and rig up a way to float the batteries.

And Friday early AM load up the boys and see what's out there that's fishable in 30 to 50 foot. Not sure what I actually know about offshore but now I have at least caught some fish offshore and with good  success. Additionally  over the last few years been finding myself much further off points and ledges after hearing a tew of the boys catching them deep.

Can not wait!!!

Tight lines.



Ronald Reagan

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Update 8-01-19

Put in State Park. long ride way south on Big Sac. Fished hard in rain, clouds and high noon sun. No wind all day nary even a breeze.

Approximately 11 and 1/2 hours between drop boat in water and raise boat out of water. Even wore the grandsons out.

44 total bass mostly SMB. 11 solid keeps with 2 LMB keeps 9 SMB keeps.. The "majority" of our catch was 11"-12" SMB. The 15" SMB were fat and dark while the smaller more long than very big around. Every fish we caught was very healthy with great color.

I spot, 7 LMB  dinks for most of the day before we connected with a couple good schools.

One fish 12' water(spinnerbait) off bank

43  fish between 25' and 49' water.  Offshore.

Most keepers 25'-29'.

1/2 oz drop shot 4' Roboworm silver shad. 

3/4 oz wobble head football jig and creature craw PBJ

1 oz silver spoon.

Had to fight two 14 year olds from angling back to shallow points. All day. 

Could have probably caught fifty but the fish were in transition all day. We never stopped moving all day.

Coming in tonight mile long bridge piers gave up two keeps. East side channel swing.

Lot of bait balls on structure and merely suspended with nothing looking up at them.

Best spots were isolated humps that held white bass and bridge piers.

Tight lines.

Must have marked 30 to 50 waypoints today.


Ronald Reagan

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I am glad to see this report.  I have seldom been able to catch off shore suspended fish.  Magicwormman showed me how he does it though I’m not sure that the lesson took very well.  I might have to beg for another lesson.

i plan to head back down there Monday to try again.

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