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6 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

The only thing you asked me to do was to "source my information".  I am not going to go back through all that crap, quote, or copy & paste.  If you truly care then do your own blasted research.   Or here ya go.....If you want ME to do it FOR YOU then make it worth my while.  I get 105.00 per hour.  

I'm not lying on here, or spouting false information, and I'm not trying to sell you anything.    

I'd love to love Hybrids....no doubt they are FUN.   I did extensive research on them BECAUSE they are a blast to catch and I wanted to get good at patterning them.  What I learned turned me against them, and it should you too.  

If I have posted anything regarding Hybrid Striped bass that is untrue, ever, and you can prove it,  I'll give you $100.00

Get to work hotshot. 

So it is just your opinion just like I thought. Thanks for clearing that up. 

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2 hours ago, BilletHead said:

              What burr do you have up your rear about me?  I just thanked Husker that he asked you a question? I would like the answer too. I like to read and learn. I would like to know what you know on this subject. 

No burr, I just saw that you applauded his smartass post.   

You think just because I cut up and have fun kidding around on here that I don't have any credibility.   Hell, you still challenge the fact that threadfin shad are present in Lake O for Christ sake.... just because you read some ding-a-ling biologists article that said that Lake O only had gizzard shad.   

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