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WTB - Falcon Rods

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If this is not supposed to be here then delete please.  I only put here because you guys are junkies.

Looking for some old or newer Falcon lowriders or a Cara.  Need the old 6 ft 10 spinning shakey head and some lizard draggers or Amistad in casting.

PM me if you have some.  I will give good money and have a lot of tackle to trade as well. 

B. Foz

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23 hours ago, Ham said:

Babbler is your guy

Not available. Everything on back order. I’ve had a order in now since February. 

They have enough for replacement but nothing yet. I’m not waiting very patient cause I have a bunch sold that clients are waiting on


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It was crazy earlier this year Midway USA sold falcons at garage sale prices.  We bought Buccoo's for $60, Lowriders for like $75 and Experts for $125, it was insane.  I personally bought 9 rods, I had friends by almost that many.  We were all big Falcon guys to begin with and we all upgraded our arsenal's, I sold all my old Bucco's and Lowriders and upgraded.......I did keep my old Cara's.  But by the time I sold 9 old rods and bought 9 new rods I actually made money.  Wish I had bought more Experts they are flat fantastic rods!  

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Believe the Experts are going to be totally discontinued.  Travis glad you liked  them.   

There was a reason they were on sale. 

If you remember that is the second time Falcon tried the wrap Expert series. They were a total parabolic rod the first go around. The series they just discontinued has a lot of the same characteristics.  I don’t think you will see them back, from what I’m hearing from my distributor. 

I simply couldn’t sell them and really did not care for the feel at all. I got lucky and got several of the new Cara’s and they are what a Falcon rod is supposed to be. 

We’re all waiting now on the new Cara’s.
Bucco is simply a price rod. 

Nothing at all bad about the Lowriders, but for now on the Cara’s it’s a waiting game. 



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The two experts I got were 7'4 extra heavies. I flipped with them all day at Ray Robert's this year. They were so light and sensitive, and strong and I caught several fish including a 7.1 the last day.  Those are the only two I had so I can't say how the rest of the line was. I didn't like the original experts, I broke several. The T1 Caras are still my favorite rods ever. But I hear the new Caras are going to be awesome too. Can't wait to get my hands on one! I've been a Falcon man since 1995. I was a senior in high school and saved up 4H money to buy an Original.. That was the only line of rods they made at that time, the lowrider came a couple years later. darn did I love that rod! 


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