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February 8 report

Skeeter ZX190

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My wife got me a euro nymphing rod for Christmas and I really wanted to try it out.  Never done euro before so I was learning on the fly.  Pun intended!

Went to Baptist Camp and hiked down stream quite a ways.  I had tied up some different variations of perdigons and pheasant tails in size 12 with some lead wraps and large tungsten beads.  I then tied on as a dropper off the bend of the hook and put on a scud.  Stopped at a promising looking hole and on my second or third drift I caught a 10 inch brown.  I kept working down stream stopping at the deeper holes.  Ended up catching 7 (4 rainbows and 3 browns) in about 5 hours of fishing.  So not great, but this old hack was pleased.  Biggest brown was about 14 inches and the biggest rainbow about that big too.  

I'm sure the super clear and low water didn't help my cause, but it sure was nice to finally get out and wet a line.

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1 hour ago, netboy said:

Sounds like a fun day. I have a Euro setup but haven't tried it out yet.

It sure was some great weather to be out after all the snow. 

The road from Montauk to Baptist Camp was ice and snow covered .  I didn't meet anyone while driving it which was a very good thing.  I don't know if two vehicles could have passed each other with how wide the road was.  Somebody might have ended up stuck.  I suspect the snow won't be around much longer with the warmer temps.  

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1 hour ago, Dutch said:

Sounds like a nice trip, but you are supposed to be locating green and brown fish at Stockton.😇

I need to get down there, but I suppose water temperatures are still down around 40 or lower and I really struggle when they are that low.  Plus the wind was pretty strong yesterday in southwest Missouri.

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On 2/18/2022 at 9:57 AM, Ryan Miloshewski said:

@Skeeter ZX190 are there a lot of redds right now or no? Thinking of hitting it up next weekend.

I didn't see any.

The Current received over 3 inches of rain Thursday.  It came up fast but has been dropping.  More rain and snow in the forecast for this week.  I am not familiar enough with the Current to know at what level you can't safely wade.  It's running about a foot higher than when I was there on the 8th.  It is slowly dropping though.

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