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Conehead Dace

Nick Adams

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Chip/snack  bags with mylar interiors  slice up to make "tinsel" in any width you want, but in that type of fly, I don't care if the hook is left bare, as it's hidden. And of course Christmas decorations are often where my "tinsel" comes from. I may still have some French tinsel but I've not used it in years.

The heavy weighting interests me, because I always associate dace with top water as surface dwellers/feeders.

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I don't know of the biology and behavior of the dace. I was just  playing off the traditional Black Nose Dace bucktail streamer.

I was thinking of something that I could fish in high water at the tailwater, Powersite for whites or deep holes in the spring. I've got lead wire in addition to the cone, so it should sink fairly horizontally.

It may not catch fish, but it's a great outlet for my creative energy. You're right in that I could have definitely lived with leaving the hook shank with bare lead.

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