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Lead Hill area


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I was out on the lake by about 10am yesterday morning and fished until 4pm. I caught 5 fish and lost two hooked fish. I also missed a fish on the jerkbait. There was a steady light wind with heavier gusts. WT was 41 when I got out there, if I recall correctly but was up to 45 by the time I came off. I fished along a flat and then some main lake points. I did not have much success on the main lake apart from the missed jerkbait bite. When I went back into some pockets is where I found baitfish and started catching some. I tried A-rig, jerkbait, spinnerbait, jig, Rock Crawler, and Wiggle Wart. I caught the fish on secondary points and in the back of the pockets. Water depth was literally right up on the bank out to maybe 10 ft of water. I need up catching fish on the jerkbait and Rock Crawler.









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