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Reels Reels and more reels

Bill Babler

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Guys we are moving and I am retiring from guiding.  I've simply got to pare down. 

I've got a boat lot of used reels here that need cleaned. A couple may need some repair.  Some are good to go as they are. Most as a matter of fact. 


Here is the list


1 Sustain 4000FB. 2 SUSTAIN 5000FD. 3 SEDONA 1500FB. 1 SEDONA 2500FD. 2 SARAH 1500FB. 1 SONARA 1500FD. 1 SPIREX 2000RD


2 CERTATE 2000. 1 CALDIA 2500. 3 EXCELLOR 2500THS. 3 EXCELLOR 2500HA. 1 PRYTHON 2500. 1 FUEGO 2500. 7 EXCELLOR 1500. 




1 FALCON BC 1500. 


32 total reels, to send to a single owner. Some as I said are good right out of the box, some if not all need cleaned with a couple needing some work. 

Entire lot to one buyer, make me an offer. 

417-332-7016 or send me a message if interested. 


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You might get a single buyer from a mom and pop shop.  I talked to a guy at Lebanon who had bought over 300 reels at the BPS outlet for resale in his shop.

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That's going to be a big loss for alot of us that look up to you but a hardy congratulations to you also Bill!  When do you retire and where are you going if you want to share, hopefully not totally out of fishing and will just get to fun fish a bunch more?  

congrats again,


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We are moving to Shell Knob. We have a lake home there in conjunction with several family members and can live there while our hone is being built 

We just purchased 3.62 acres at Cedar Falls subdivision with complete unreal lake front and views, very similar to what we have on this 40 acres. We are going to build a new smaller home there. 

Hopefully retirement is June 1st. But I might do an extra year, just depends. 

I've already had a $500.00 standing offer on the reels. I was thinking $700 to $750, but I'm listening. I'll give it till Monday unless I get higher than the $500.00. If not he can have them for that. 

They have only been listed for 2 hours.   

The 2 bait casters are pretty much like new and there are 3 big Sustains and 2 Certates in the mix. 

New the Certates were $500 each and the Sustains were close to $400 each.  Counting the bait casters that's $2,500.00 on just those 6 reels. 

There are 27 additional reels that just mostly needs a good clean and lube. 

Thanks guys

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2 hours ago, ColdWaterFshr said:

I'll buy the lone white one with the blue accents.  $9.  Take it or leave it.  Does it come with a warranty?

That’s a Falcon reel. They made 2 different reels for about 5 years. That one is a 2500 BC series and it works great, probably just as good as Daiwa stuff that is 3X the price. Good reel if you can stand the color. The other was called a Moxie. Phil sold a bunch of them in his tackle shop and I’m still using about 10 of them on my crappie stuff. They were 500 series. 

The Durn Moxie have worked perfect for 10 years at about $69.00 each, better than some of my more expensive stuff.

Go figure. 

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