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Lost Gear on Beaver Creek


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Wife and I floated Beaver Creek from Bradleyville down to the Cedar Hollow Road bridge ('bout four miles or so). Caught a tree that was sticking out of the water and flipped the canoe about a mile or so from the takeout bridge. Lost two rods. A Diawa reel, Bass Pro rod combo, and an Abu Garcia combo. Both spinning. It's a long shot but maybe there's some of you that regularly fish the creek and might come across one or both. There will definitely be a reward if they are found. Just thought I would try my luck here!

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7 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Bummer.  Fishing any good?

Wife caught a nice smallie! But we tipped literally RIGHT before what looked like the best stretch of water. 😑 


Alot of what we actually fished was fairly shallow and swift. I was looking for some deeper holes but didn't see any until after tipping. I could imagine it could be very fine fishing when it warms up a tad. Water was really really cold 😁

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17 hours ago, Gavin said:

Sorry you took a dunk! That happens occasionally. If you don't retrieve that stuff immediately it gets beat up pretty bad, but no gear is worth risking life & limb, or hypothermia for. Better luck next time.


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