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We headed to Baldwin, Boy does there ramp suck over there. The architect should have been fired. Instead of sloping the part of the parking lot to the ramp slope, the lot pad is fairly level, then right at the water it slopes down at a pretty good grade. We watched several boat trailers drag really bad due to this bad work. Have not been there for 15 years.

Fishing we did real well. Had 17 bass. 1 over 5lbs almost a 6lber, 1 over 4lbs, 1 close to 4lbs, and a bunch of 2 to 3 lbers. All total was 17 fish. for 6 hours of fishing. 

That said had a good day. 

From how the sign reads, you can now idle your big motor on the lake. The lake opens at 8am to 4 pm. But the nice lady that happen to open the gate at 7am told us we could go ahead in.  

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