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6th Sense Gyro tail spinner

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Got one delivered to me today.  I fish tail spinners some for schooling offshore bass and have caught a couple of stripers on them.  My main complaint with many of them on the market is their small size and lousy stock hooks.

The Gyro is 2 inches long which gives it a much bigger profile and comes with excellent hooks.  I am looking forward to fishing it.

I am in no way associated with 6th Sense, I like the looks of this lure and I believe it has potential in our Ozark lakes.


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Agree with your complaints on the traditional offerings and those certainly look like they will catch fish.  I went looking last year and bought a handful of the Savage Gear fat tails to try in 3/4 and other than the price I have been quite pleased with them.  I cycle them through when deep spooning for striper/walleye/LM - they can be fished multiple ways( snapped, counted down, straight retrieve) with good effect. They have enough mass to facilitate good contact, a quality thump, and sticky hooks.  Tail spinners are a good choice for offshore work.



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