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MLF Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma)

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LIve coverage is available on the MLF website.  Something to watch if you are not out on the lake.  It is the Tackle Warehouse series.  I see a few locals, including McClelland.

They are whacking them, you need over 17 to be in the top 20.  Couple of guys with over 20.

It is a big lake that flies under the radar. Locals down there may not be happy that they are getting some exsposure.

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Gentleman who came over and fished TR with me last spring is a pretty good stick on Eufala and Tenkiller. It's definitely a lot of plastics and jigs, and lots of wind.

He guides on Tenkiller, lives just down the road from Christie. 

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he was fishing the breakwater that protects the take off location.  Inside that breakwater is off limits.   So he had to release the 4 fish he had caught along the inside of the breakwater.  He got to keep the one he had caught on the outside of the breakwater.  He now has 2 lbs or so, but less than 5lbs out of the lead.  He admitted his mistake.

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