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Again Too Early

oneshot 1

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I have a guide to go by when to plant and when to put outside. 

Planted Tomatoes and Peppers. 

Dang Tomatoes are Blooming and it says set them out May 1.

I going to wait out this cool spell for the weekend and set them out.


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If you want to be on the safe side, find out your last frost date and plant after it passes.

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12 minutes ago, Terrierman said:

May is about as early as tomatoes do well outdoors.  They do not like cold feet.

I found this out with Okra planted early and it didn't come up. So I waited until at least May 1.

Well not as bad as last year I got the bright idea to start them in January. 

I've got some Tomatoes in buckets.  I'm going to use 5 foot Bamboo stakes to hold them up. 

Not sure on container stuff.  I'm switching to Sunshine 4 Soil and got some Organic Fertilizer Garden  - Tone and it stinks. Mix this in my Soil along with Worm Castings. 


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