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What gives!? Flood gates @ 917.2??

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Man, there’s a new thought process at the Corp office. “Keep Table Rock below power pool at all cost!!”  What happen to “water is gold” “running water over the spill gates is waisting resources” ?

Don’t get me wrong… adding a little food to the upper end for a day or so?  Yes!!  Our big trout get even bigger.  The high flow kicks up the bottom, cleans the moss out, kicks up sculpins and scuds making everything great. And I guess in a day or so- back to low flows and periods of no generation?  Makes sense. 

Another day in the life of a tailwater. I just wish we had caddis like the White River. 

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If I owned property I would take this over floods any day.  I never thought I would see the day they changed their thought process but I like it!  And like you I'm tickled to see the fish getting a shot of food and clean the moss out.  I'm headed down thursday and was hoping they would still be open but doesn't sound like they will be.  I'm hoping some shad come thru because my goal this trip is to catch a big brown on a big glide bait, can't wait to try it out!  

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