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MLF Guntersville

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Crew said Wheeler has competed under 3 hours in 2 days of fishing and has 43 pounds. 

I think he is super Pissed off on how his season has gone. I expect him as well as the MLF CREW to totally put the Hammer on them tomorrow. 

If he puts between 24 and 26 pounds on the scale he is going to run away with it. 
Cause you know durn well he is going to slap another 20 plus on the scales off the ledge on Sunday 

Don’t care what the rookies are doing, Wheeler and Neil on the Ledge deal are without equal, except for KVD and he is just at the end of his run. 50 plus years old is a tough road to hoe, with theses young Guns, and he didn’t make the cut. 


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Hoping David Dudley somehow wins this one.  I like the fact that he uses his livescope as a place to stand while fishing bream beds.  Definitely Wheelers to lose.

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