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  1. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Tonight was basic bacon wrapped meatloaf, some smashed taters that were abut half garlic and cheese, and I added a bunch of grilled zuchinni. Nuttin fancy but pretty darn tasty.
  2. Sounds like everyone was lucky. Glad it wasn't worse.
  3. They are tearing up crappie, whites, hybrids and blues below the dam. Some guys are doing well on the lake but don't give a lot of details.
  4. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    The potatoes are just potatoes, but the gravy is salty brown gravy goodness. Which leads to the eternal debate, white gravy or brown gravy. For me I like both, but if there is a choice I will take brown gravy for most things that don't involve biscuits. A bowl of brown gravy to dip steak fries in, that when you know you are at a small resturant in the country, they don't even flinch when you ask for a bowl of gravy to use as a dipping sauce.
  5. The push water Trout water mentioned can be a lot of fun early in the morning. Any piece of water the for some reason peaks your interest, cast to it, sometime fish will come out of a spot you don't expect. And a nice smaller crankbait lie a #5 rapala can be deadly in those current seams. Dang now I wanna go on a float trip.
  6. From what I remember Skiatook was a gorgeous lake. Only there once and it was several years back.
  7. My purple Cherokee never turned day on the outside. I do love all of them, but a nice brandywine is my favorite, sliced, chunked, added to cukes and onions and even warm off the vine.
  8. I bought my first set of 10 plys several years ago, never looked back. Even order a new truck with them on it, go 80K miles out of the first set, have another 40 on the replacements. Drive great and like you say they may be the only thing that survives a train or tornado. I HATE flat tires, haven't had one since I switched over.
  9. She Is A Lot Cuter And Probably Just As Good Of Help As Some Of Your Other Fishing buddies.
  10. I ended up replacing all of mine with real ones.
  11. No chantrelles but found a couple of big boletes the other day, slicked thick and seared in a skillet, they made a great addition to some burgers.
  12. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I just put 2 big boneless pork loins (about 10# each) into a brine. They will hit the smoker in the morning as my contribution to a friend's July 6th party tomorrow night. Also provide fire control and often lighting of boomers.
  13. I just dumped almost 5 inches out when I got home.
  14. You are killing me what ya got to sell. Can't imagine why I would need or want a pistol but I just might.
  15. Hey venting is venting. No topic on OA stays on track, it's an unwritten rule.
  16. LOL, I spend most of a day getting a wheel off of a Toyota Corolla a couple years back. And if yiu ever have a flat in a dodge mini van, the spare tire is uder the dang console.
  17. The new ford's we have at work have to electronic parking brakes. They will release by using the same button you use to set it also. They also have a setting that will shut off the engine if you set still for more than 10 seconds or so and start up as soon as you release the brake or move anything. But it can be deactivated easily.
  18. Bill of Sale would be a good idea. If I were selling and someone refused to sign a bill of sale it would be over right then and there.
  19. Dutch, I think the only requirement on a private sale is the buyer must be 18 yrs of age. ? ? ?
  20. Good for the soul, excellent description.
  21. It wouldn't be MDC, but I seem to remember hearing that it was reccomended but don't remember anything about required.
  22. Very nice, I love catching bluegill.
  23. That would be a great way to experience jail.
  24. MOPanfisher

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Those bring back some very hazy memories that shul probably not be relived. I love trin different things, I will sample different beers, wines etc. just about anywhere, many have been terrible others pretty good.
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