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  1. Looks like they got Beav right where they want it. This is just stupid

    Polar Bear

    A few, that bite has been extremely finicky!!
  3. Dude, calm down, just stating the obvious, maybe everything an engineer says or does isn't always correct.

    Polar Bear

    Fished really good friday, yesterday not so much, possibly cause of the front that went through Saturday night, or both.
  5. Looks like the "Engineers" calculations may have been slightly off on the foot a day. But I know, engineers are never wrong.
  6. Yeah, since then, the corps have gone the extra mile to make sure the lakes dont get that low. I'll agree that the fishing was off back then, while the lakes were low, but alot of our lakes were just getting over LMBV. And I do agree high water does help our fisheries, but now it's just ALL THE TIME. We've always had spring floods and high water, but the difference now is they stay flooded for much longer. One thing about it though, if they keep the lakes high all the time, all that flooded cover will eventually die off and rot away, and 1130 wont be much different than 1120.
  7. No, not at all, it just seems their testing fate, keeping lakes this high all the time.
  8. Yup, for now, after the rain this week, Beav will get topped back off, Bull be back on the rise, TR might come come up a foot or so. What we need is a good 15" soaker, test some of the corps theories on lake management. Oh well I guess, maybe they'll get to normal by the time the spring rains get here.
  9. Hell, the ENTIRE region was flooded this summer, except at...... yep you guessed it TR!!
  10. Boat dealerships, mechanics, marina owners, alot will tell you business is half when lakes are flooded. Heck the BPT cancelled on Grand cause of high water and stayed a Table Rock, while I'm sure it helped the folks around Table Rock, I'm sure it affected someone, somewhere on Grand. If someone wanted to put a day of research into it, I bet they could find plenty of instances were high water has an economic impact, but that wont be me, I'm not a numbers guy, I just spout ignorant rants.
  11. Umm, well that was just one instance, ranging from laying utility lines to residential and commercial construction, I've had my fair share of dealing with engineers and architects. Their ideas and designs aren't always in touch with reality. But if you want to keep your head in the sand, and just accept whatever line you've been told, that's your right to do so. Several of you guys say high water in our lakes only effects recreational activities, but tell that to the folks out at Lead Hill, people that make their living directly from Bull, ask them how having the lake 40ft high every summer effects their livelihood. I will keep on with my ignorant rants.
  12. Look, I dont care if it's Johnny or whoever the hell, all I'm saying in the last several years something has changed. Could it possibly just be unusual weather patterns, maybe, but that's a big maybe. It's just awfully odd how Bull and Beav, especially Bull, is always way higher than Table Rock. Bout every fisherman I talk to locally grumbles about it, I'm just bringing it up for discussion and maybe stirring it up a bit. The Beaver thread has been dead for quit awhile, maybe at the very least this will wake it up.
  13. Devan, I dont put much stock into what some engineer or architect tells me after 25 plus years of working with them. They can draw you some pictures and scales and crunch a bunch of BS numbers together, but in the real world their numbers dont match reality. Example: I have a family business with several buildings and asphalt around them. When we were in the planning stages and going to city council meetings and whatnot, the mayor( who was a retired engineer by the way) came out with a bunch of calculations from our run off, and told people at those meetings that we'd FLOOD the town. Well long story short, we got approval to build and guess what, no such flooding has occurred in the 11+ years we've been there. Point being, numbers can be manipulated to be whatever you want them to be. Oh and by the way, ole Johnny has alot more interest in Table Rock than just selling shirts, if you havent noticed he owns everything on the east side of the lake.
  14. Did Bull come up 8ft after the October 6th rain? Im guessing Bulls basin received more than 2".Your playing on both sides of the fence, or just stirring, which I like. And yes there is an optimum tourney level, it's about 10ft or more below normal pool.
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