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  1. Looking at photo, it looks like a solid color, if that's the case it's quite easy to do, lots of videos on youtube. Depending on boat manufacturer, you can order exact color gel from them, Ranger will sell directly to customers I know, Skeeter you gotta go through dealer. But right now,getting exact color from manufacturer could be hard, I know Skeeter plant is shut down. But if you can get the gel, it's pretty simple procedure.
  2. For some more interesting commentary, go to their Facebook page
  3. The only difference was Bull was at normal pool when they dropped Beaver last time
  4. They've had plenty of time this fall and winter to get the water out, they never even got Beaver completely down to normal pool, they got within a foot or so and I guess said good enough. As soon as they shut the gates it started inching right back up. I'm not understanding the excessive concern over " once it's out of Beaver they cant get it back", are we in a region prone to severe droughts? They have their "water control plan" and I guess there is no deviation from that plan no matter the circumstances, this just might be year though that'll make them rethink that.
  5. Just "simply move that flood water" , lickiddy split, easy peasy!!
  6. If they released from Beav and got it to normal and held it in TR, what would that do? Bring TR up 3-4ft? I think that would be a pretty minimal impact. At least have a little room in Beav. If we continually get these little rains every week, these lakes ain't gonna be going down any. Spring is just around the corner, gonna be interesting for sure.
  7. Welp, all I can say is that it's going to be an interesting spring!!
  8. Looks like they got Beav right where they want it. This is just stupid
  9. A few, that bite has been extremely finicky!!
  10. Dude, calm down, just stating the obvious, maybe everything an engineer says or does isn't always correct.
  11. Fished really good friday, yesterday not so much, possibly cause of the front that went through Saturday night, or both.
  12. Looks like the "Engineers" calculations may have been slightly off on the foot a day. But I know, engineers are never wrong.
  13. Yeah, since then, the corps have gone the extra mile to make sure the lakes dont get that low. I'll agree that the fishing was off back then, while the lakes were low, but alot of our lakes were just getting over LMBV. And I do agree high water does help our fisheries, but now it's just ALL THE TIME. We've always had spring floods and high water, but the difference now is they stay flooded for much longer. One thing about it though, if they keep the lakes high all the time, all that flooded cover will eventually die off and rot away, and 1130 wont be much different than 1120.
  14. No, not at all, it just seems their testing fate, keeping lakes this high all the time.
  15. Yup, for now, after the rain this week, Beav will get topped back off, Bull be back on the rise, TR might come come up a foot or so. What we need is a good 15" soaker, test some of the corps theories on lake management. Oh well I guess, maybe they'll get to normal by the time the spring rains get here.
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