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  1. Not sure what is new about the aging procedures. Otolith aging has been done for decades. Maybe just pairing the otolith and the carbon dating. It is a concern that the population has not reproduced well over an 80 year period. That brings up a lot of questions about what may be going on in those lakes and river systems. More likely dead. Unless they found a way to extract otoliths from live fish and return them, these fish were sacrificed before the otolith was removed.
  2. Why was the guy with the camera riding near the bow in those conditions? Unless he was thrown forward. If not they both could qualify as a dumb@$$!
  3. Looks like she has been at the buffet ๐Ÿ˜‚. That fish has some girth. Must be a shad belly.
  4. I've tried to fly on a few occasions but never seem to get distracted enough not to hit the ground ๐Ÿ˜‚!
  5. Awesome page. Now I need to catch a Taney trout worthy to get on the board. I did notice that Larry Scott's 24-inch rainbow looks like a brown trout.
  6. Great book by the way ! Loved all five books in the Hitchhiker's trilogy!
  7. Good Luck RPS. Hope to continue to see dishes on the cooking thread.
  8. Ok you two just keep rubbing it in !
  9. QB that is a great mixed bag of fish buddy! Congrats on a great day. Jealous about that gar.
  10. Johnsfolly

    Sculpin IPA

    QB. I have had this IPA. Actually liked it.
  11. Congrats buddy on the fish you did catch. For that size gar you may need to get one of those gator gar lassos. Musky cradle may just complicate things and i don't think you could use one effectively solo. Also I would be concerned about whether a gar would get its teeth hung in the cradle. That would be a mess.
  12. Sweet looking craws! Can't wait to see what you catch with them!
  13. Just so that folks know what to look for...
  14. Nice report. Sounds like dealing with the water conditions are tougher than the fishing.
  15. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    DANG Ness!! Looks great.
  16. Just have to love brown trout!
  17. @Quillback I keep seeeing "The Goal" photo of Bobby Orr the lastime the Bruins played and beat the Blues in the cup finals. To get over that I had to watch highlights of the 85 basketball finals๐Ÿ˜œ
  18. Great fishing guys! Definitely some nice looking bass. I really like that flathead. Congrats!
  19. Nice walleye! Great trip for you and your son! Congrats!
  20. I was in Connecticut when they put in the helmet rule watching a lot of Whalers hockey when I could not get the Pens games. I remember Ron Duguay from the Rangers refusing to wear a helmet since he wanted the wind going through his hair. He was grandfathered in to not have to wear a helmet. I agree with you there QB. Sporting events are so much better now on TV than back in the day.
  21. The greatest thing about hockey is that it is the only sport where play speeds up as the clock winds down. This statement is especially true in playoff hockey. Overtime for Game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals is chaos in the making ! Only thing that can better is the play by play announcers trying to keep up with the action. That's the bench.
  22. I'm happy for the delay, hoping that it cools off your goalie ! Rask has been a wall in the net. His play worries me the most at this point. On a side note I love the walrus goalie GEICO commercial. Just makes me laugh .
  23. It's that Massachusetts bias. Just because you lived there is no excuse buddy .
  24. Lots of guys here fish for snakeheads. Haven't tried for them this year. Will try to get my daughter to catch one. Supposed to be good to eat. Will have to report if and when we catch a couple. Honestly I would prefer to not have another invasive moving into Missouri waters.
  25. I would tend to agree with you, but have not tried it there. I do prefer Guinness in Ireland over any place else I have ever had a pint of the stout !
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