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  1. Dave they look different, but can you confirm these photos are of the same fish or not? The mottling looks more like a brown bullhead. Here is a quick reference that I found online. However, the tail doesn't seem to be square like the brown bullheads that I see around here. Also I think that I can count 19 anal fin rays on the left fish. The brown bullhead has 20-24 anal fin rays and the black has 17-22. They also point out a whitish or lighter colored bar on the caudal peduncle of black bullheads, which both of these photos are showing. My inclination is that these are black bullheads, but could be wrong.
  2. Congrats on some niice trout!
  3. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Happy Father's day guys. I hope that you each had a good day. Mine was spent with family and family friend. We caught a dozen blue crabs and fished. Livie caught one of the coolest looking fish that we have landed recently but that's for another post. With the crabs we picked up some local oysters which were eaten raw with cocktail sauce or just horseradish. Also local red potatoes cooked in the Phillips seafood spiced boiling water. Old Bay is in short supply here due to workers not showing up due to COVID concerns. The last dish were local green beans. We blanched and shocked the beans while cooking bacon in a cast iron skillet. Took out bacon and cooked minced Vidalia onion and garlic in the bacon grease. Added in the beans and the bacon to the skillet and seasoned with black pepper. Cooked them a bit then added a couple of splashes of rice wine vinegar and soy sauce. Went well with the fresh seafood. A delicious Father's day meal!
  4. I was 19 at the time I was 5'6" and still in wrestling shape at 130 lbs. I was with my brother,, a fraternity brother,, and our sort of stepsister who was 16 at the time.we were drinking on the beach. I was driving so went to the car to sleep a bit to not be buzzed while driving. Our buddy came by about 30 to 40 min and asked if I was good to drive. As we were talking a pickup drove into and out of the parking area. Jeff left to go get the other two. I had to take a leak. So I drove down the road a bit. This all took place in Oct so its pretty desolate. I pulled next to a couple of houses (stilt houses) and relieved myself near one of them. As I was tending to my business some guy accosts me for relieving myself on his house. Still a little bit affected by the beer I told him that it was better than me p!%&ing on his leg and technically it was beneath his house. Why he and I didn't fight there I'll never know. He just took off. I get back into my car drive 15 feet and am surrounded by two squad cars and a cop was pulling me out of my vehicle. He threw me against the car to frisk and cuff me. Still feeling a little p!%& and vinegar I was refusing to get into the squad car and shouting what was I being arrested for. They kept telling me to shut up and get into the squad car. It was when I yelled that they should turn on the blinkers of my car so that I didn't have to charge the police for damages that the cop unsnapped and partially drew his gun. Then he told me that he would shoot me and he and the other cop would say that I was running and resisting arrest. I did end up in the squad car sitting on my hands. He drove me back to the parking area where an undercover cop in the pickup truck had detained the other three and was questioning them. I told the guy that they didn't know anything. I told this guy what had happened. He mentioned that they have been having lots of break in. So he saw me speak to a guy that ended up going back to the beach. Then I drove down and parked in front of two dark homes where I met possibly the same guy. Then got back into my car possibly to case another home or two. Anyway none of us were arrested. We were then escorted to the Wrightsville city limits and sent on our way. Of course no one questioned what were three guys doing on a dark secluded beach with beer and a 16 yr old girl🙄. Hey people can change.
  5. I hope that they hold off for a week or so. Then we can get some fresh ones when we are in MO.
  6. I was belligerent while being pulled from my vehicle and threatened to be shot by a Wrightsville beach police officer. He had his weapon partially drawn when I complied.
  7. Its about changing peoples minds and not entirely based upon more legislation. Eradication of the past or revisionist history doesn't make people get along either.
  8. It is human nature to be petty and to hate. Bigotry is just a way to outwardly express that hatred. The areas that seem to have the highest level of bigotry are areas where multiple groups that are different live together and share similar economic status.. I don't believe that you can legislate out for bigotry. At the time that we were in Northern Ireland the govt forces businesses to hire an equal number of catholics and protestants. There aren't many blacks, but people hate each other nonetheless. At our office everyone would get along for 11 months of the year until July which was the marching season. During that time no one would speak to each other due to their political and religious differences. In a good year there wouldn't be bombings or rioters. At the time that conflict had gone on for over 800 years. So don't think that here in the US that we have a monopoly on bigotry and hate. Also don't think for a minute that by tearing down these so called oppressive statues or changing the brands like Aunt Jemima or Uncle Bens and continuing a PC culture will actually change the underlying issues that lead to bigotry and racism. My case in point is the vitriol just on this thread alone and on other threads on this a fishing forum site🙄. Getting off my soapbox. It does help me see over the crowd😉.
  9. We like Swiss chard. I like the stems as well ss the leaves. Knowing if it were up to my wife and daughter we would be growing the rainbow chard variety🙄
  10. Nice catch. I'm still looking to catch my first rod & reel flathead. They are considered invasive species here in MD along with blue catfish.
  11. I have always processed my own deer. Would do the same with goats, cattle (need heavier hoist system ), etc. Not sure about hogs. If I were to skin them, then it would not be a problem except again the hoist system for a big hog. Where I have a concern is the equipment needed for scalding off the hair to be able to process the hams.
  12. Oh and I also believe that you can tell incredible stories after the fact. Even Nostradamus was only prophetic after some one tweaked and massaged events to match with his prophesies.
  13. I really don't buy into alien influence and advanced mathematics being used in ancient buildings, etc. I believe that with unlimited resources, i.e., slave labor, and time that even without mathematics and only by trial an error, most of those items can be recreated. I recall the discussion of an irrigation system built by mesoamericans that was touted to have the perfect pitch to be able to flood the entire system and that they were able to construct that system without higher mathematics. Then you read that they were in that location for 900 years. isn't it more likely that as they expanded their irrigation system that they would have been able to improve it just by sight and trial and error. Seems more likely to me. The pyramids are a different story, but could still be based upon trial and error since there are lots of older pyramids that are smaller that the ones in Giza. Couldn't those have served as a working model that could be expanded upon? Even a child can make a square by eye and then build upon that base.
  14. Congrats on a nice bass! Hope that she enjoys her retirement. Looks like a great start!
  15. Johnsfolly

    What's Cooking?

    Ryan that looks great! We make quite a number of Hank Shaw recipes. Really enjoy all of them.
  16. Johnsfolly

    Book ends

    congrats on a couple of nice walleye!
  17. Problem with goats is that you have to like eating them. They can be a challenging taste for some folks.
  18. Possum on the half-shell! Killer Pat takes him out!
  19. Very nice fish. Dry run creek is something special. It will spoil those boys for sure .
  20. Congrats to gou both! She should remember that first smallie. Great job Dad!
  21. Though I haven't caught any down there it wouldn't surprise me if fliers are in Duck Creek or Mingo WMA which is very close to Duck Creek. Check out FishMap.org. I use that a lot to see species distributions and where they may have be caught or collected. It can be a fickle site at times. I'll send you a PM on the best spot for chain pickerel.
  22. The whole Folly fishing crew have flier cards . Though we used small jigs tipped with worm, you could have caught a couple of these on your flyrod @FishnDave! Have to get to Maryland first .
  23. Johnsfolly


    personally I like crappie but find it pretty bland flavorwise🙄
  24. Congrats on finding a consistent bite. Keep taking your daughter out. Hope that she is a fishing pruner for life! A great way to make family memories.
  25. Now don't get @JestersHK started with that kind of talk 🙄! There will be no work done if he has an additional partner in crime on the all night Taney fishing. Seriously. That's a nice rainbow!
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