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  1. I went with the Humminbird since that is what I've always ran so there wasn't much of a learning curve and they are really easy for me to navigate through. I was going to get a 10 SI for the console, but figured since I was already dropping some serious money, I went ahead and got 2 12's. For the whole setup installed it was about 9. That's with the Ethernet box and link cables for both graphs and trolling motor as well as the graphs, trolling motor and Ram mounts. It was a 100% from the ground up install. Its a whole lot of money but the things I'm able to do with the setup blows anything I've ever had before out of the water. The way I'm able to communicate between my trolling motor and graphs is game changer for me. If I want to fish a certain area like a brush pile or ledge, I've got everything set in my system so all I have to do is drop my trolling motor and hit a button and it sets me right where I want to be positioned off my waypoint and holds me there. I wouldn't change anything on my setup. I went bigger than I initially planned and I'm glad I did. I also bought three new 31 series deep cycles to run that beast of a trolling motor. I've always fancied myself a shallow water, power fisherman type that really just needed depth and water temp readings but to compete with some of these guys on the lakes I fish you have to be able to fish deeper and this setup has already cashed a couple checks for me that I don't think would have happened if I hadn't had it. Maybe over the next 15 or 20 years I'll win enough to almost pay for half of it. hahaha
  2. Last month I had bought 2 Helix 12's. SI for the console and DI at the bow. I also bought a 36v Ultrex with the built in Mega DI transducer. I had everything linked together and installed on my 223 Champion. Bought everything and installed at Marine Repair in Springfield. They did an unbelievable job and I am very happy with it. The install is clean and neat and everything works fantastic. Made the appt. and they finished it in less than a day. Highly recommend them.
  3. Fishing is finally starting to get better as we can see from all the posts. I fish for all kinds of fish: crappie, walleye, bass, whites. Really anything that's biting, but I also fish several bass tournament. I agree, for some it is about the money and big shotting, but try not to lump all tournament fishermen into the same pile. I do everything in my power to keep my fish healthy and alive for release after weigh in and I know several others do as well. I have lost only 1 fish out of probably the last 30 events I've fished and he would have died no matter what I did. Of course I like to catch a big bag of bass and show off my fishing prowess (luck) haha, as much as the next guy, but occasionally your going to have a fish die. I've read posts for years now without posting and it seems like there is a lot of hostility between anglers of different species and of course everybody hates pleasure boaters and PWC riders. I'm on the water a lot and I mean a LOT. Maybe I'm unique or maybe I just go out of my way to be the better person and more courteous fisherman but it seems I have very few negative encounters on the water. Got off topic a little there, anyhow all I'm saying is fish die and there's a lot of water out there so relax, have fun and enjoy the great resource we all have to share.
  4. We never had a bite before dark and the three keepers we caught all came in about 10 min after 1115. But other than that flurry of bites, it was slow.
  5. The 7 is sold. Still have the Hook 5 for 90$ and the trolling motor
  6. That’s just a reflection on the hook 5 screen not a flaw on the lower right
  7. Upgraded my electronics and trolling motor. Have for sale Lowrance Hook 7 and 5 with transducers, power cables and mounts. Motor Guide digital X5 36 volt. Everything well cared for and working great. 340$ for all graphs and related items and 600$ for motor. Location Stockton contact Adam.
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