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  1. freefallin How did your trip down the Little Sac go. Planning on going out Saturday morning and trying to come up with a game plan. Any and all help is appreciated.
  2. Very well done. I'm sure your adrenaline level was high enough to power a small town. Beautiful fish, hopefully there are many offspring out there for more generations to catch.
  3. Gonna be on the lake this weekend. Wondering what the bass are doing on Stockton, pre-spawn, spawn or post-spawn? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Little late to the party. My 2000 Startos 285 Pro Elite.
  5. I'm looking for a 23 x 13.5 Renegade Bass 4 blade prop.
  6. Wrench, Thank you for the information. You sound like the person I need. Do you have a shop or work out of your house? If not who would you recommend?
  7. Wrench, I'm sorry, I miss stated. It is 3.5 - 4" from the prop shaft center point with the pad level and the cavitation plate level. I haven't revved the engine without it in gear. At idle the water pressure doesn't register, but it has a good hard stream out the weep hole ( don't know the real term).
  8. Looking for a knowledgeable Evinrude mechanic. Someone that is familiar with the pre OMC (2000) year model ficht 175 60° V6. I installed a 6" jackplate (1999 Stratos 285 pro elite) boat ran for 17yrs without one and adjusted the engine to 3.5" below pad. The water pressure dropped from 15psi @ 4500rpm before jackplate to 10psi @ 4500rpm (water pump replaced 1.5yrs ago). Dropped the engine to 4" below pad to get better water pressure and water pressure dropped to 10psi. At this point I ran the engine up to 5200rpm to see if the water pressure would go up. After a couple min the the water pressure dropped to around 8psi, temp light and siren came on. I turned off engine to let it cool then returned to dock, ran it up to 4500rpm no light or siren. Engine never went into limp mode. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. ( I'm aware that Evinrude had some issues with these engines but replacing the engine because of what it is, is not an option) Thanks.
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