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Couple days last week

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Had a buddy down for a couple days, with the bass being slow we targeted the Whites and walleye a little more, caught 6 keeper walleye and some whites, had one good evening of topwater for the LM. Buddy was relaxed and about got the rod yanked out of his hand by a wiper which was a good laugh. Fishing was mostly slow but had great weather for July.










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Nice!  I wish I could catch some walleye. That is one fish I just haven't been able to figure out. I catch one below the dam on occasion by accident, but I'd really like to understand how to target and catch them. I have yet to crack that combination. 

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17 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

Man that Lowrance cap dates back a year or two!  

I wish I could keep a hat clean for that long.  🎣

Yep, it's an oldie like these 2 hats that he gave me. I also got his boat he sold me although he probably cringes when he sees it now compared to when he had it 😄. He has taught me a bunch when it comes to fishing and still kicks our butts from time to time out of the back of the boat.


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I got old frayed wide brimmed hat I have had for years. One of those where the sides button up. I am so attached to that thing I get excited when I forgot where I left it. Got a Parrot embroidered  on the front. A froend brought ot back to me from a cruise. Told my daughter aafter I a, dead to hand it on the wall over my favorite fishing rod and reel as a rememberance.

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