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New Shad Regs

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The regulation prohibits the transfer of wild caught bait fish from one body of water to another.  Only wild caught bait captured from that lake or it's tributaries can be used.  For example, you can only use shad caught from Beaver Lake or it's tributaries to fish for stripers in the lake.  The regulation still allows the use of live bait purchased from a licensed bait dealer. 

The purpose of the regulation is to help prevent the accidental transfer of exotic fish species, parasites and diseases, from one body of water to another.

Hope this was helpful.    

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9 minutes ago, Terrierman said:

I dunno.  To me the shad looks like a baby silver carp, not the other way round..

you are a skilled experienced angler/outdoorsman too many people out there can't tell the difference between a spotted bass and a largemouth or a rainbow from a brown....and then you have people who would use baby silvers knowingly 😮

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