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Jet Boat Project Needs a Name. CV-19?

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On 4/27/2020 at 7:17 PM, jdmidwest said:

I added 2 new Type 27 batteries, boxes, new 9 gallon gas tank with hose, bilge pump.  Swapped the trolling motor out with the 45 lb thrust one off my big boat, moved the mounting system.  Added a spider seat for the second or third passenger.  New wheels and 6 ply tires, spare tire, bearing buddies.  Cheap onboard battery chargers with quick detach plug from Harbor Freight, had them on sale this month for $23 each.  Tool kit with tools from Harbor Freight in a nice black waterproof box.  Some bright reflective marker stripes for visibility.

Now I need to buff the boat and see if I like the stock faded color or add some paint.  Still deciding on whether to put a perf floor on it or just Rhino line it.  Needs something inside for noise.  Front deck is roomy with my crook neck base on it.  The whole boat is stable, my bumblin butt can stagger around and still feel stable.





                You are getting that rig really neat JD . Pimping it out!

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Boredom for the most part.  Thinking about building a rod box on it.  Trying to decide whether Rhino Line interior as is or add perforated flooring.  The ribs don't really bother me walking around like I thought they would.

Start working on the paint finish next, dull and faded, chalky.  Gonna buff it to see what that brings out, then decide what to do with exterior.

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11 hours ago, MrGiggles said:

Keep an eye on those chargers if you leave them hooked to the batteries. Some of them will draw power when not plugged in.

A scotch brite pad and soapy water will do wonders for cleaning the scum off of that factory matte paint.

I unplug them and put them in a little ammo can from Harbor Freight when charged.  Chargers came with a quick disconnect so I don't have to take lid off battery box to charge.

Trying to figure if its Factory Matte or not.  I used a rubber eraser on the lettering to rub them off and it made a slick green finish where I used it.

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Mine is spraying a lot...so I adjusted the motor up a bit

I know you said start at 22 inches and go up.  Mine is close to 23 now...added some 3/4 square tubing.  But Now i have the front of the foot Just barely above the bottom of boat.

how far is the front of your boot to the back edge of the transom?  Mine is about 4.5 inches...not sure if that’s good or too far back.     But the angle matches the strake line

The river is blown out today so I can’t run it...so I’m excited...thanks 


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