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  1. Looks like the upcoming cold fronts may delay that MOPanfisher.
  2. Haven't been up to the lake in a few weeks and was just curious about how it's looking; level, debris, etc.
  3. That's funny. I've been wanting to upgrade for quite some time and haven't pulled the trigger yet, because I don't know (among all the options) what I want . . . just something 20+ years newer.
  4. Thanks for the good tips. No side sonar here. Only 25 year old "atari" quality depth finders.
  5. fishinwrench. You're saying that the fish are back in the shallows now? Or at least more likely to be there? Sometimes it takes a 2x4 across my head... I know.
  6. Yeah, I was looking alot for the white bass to feed on the shad. They must have been full that day. Ketchup, I'm targeting crappie, large mouth, and white bass.
  7. Could anyone offer any advice fishing this time of year? Went out yesterday and got totally skunked. The sunset was beautiful though. I'm making an assumption that maybe there is just too much available food? The shad were incredibly thick!!! It looked like an all you can eat buffet out there.
  8. A couple of weeks ago, out of curiosity (while teaching my son to drive) I had him take me to Bolivar Landing and I was shocked to see ZERO vehicles in the lot.
  9. Just curious how the conditions are at Pomme. I'm a consistent Bolivar Landing launcher. Work, weather, fatigue, another excuse, one more excuse, etc. has kept me from the lake. How's it been? I wasn't able to get out around my last post about the white bass. I probably should change my description of activities and remove the repeated use of fishing . . . as it would be more accurate.
  10. Good to know. Thanks for the updates. fishinwrench, looks like you had some fun with the fly rod!
  11. I heard a little birdie say the white bass are chasing shad right now. Is that true or is the "little birdie" playing chicken little?
  12. Haven't been out for 2 months due to work. Hopefully this weekend. Where is everyone finding the bass at this time of year?
  13. Just curious how everyone's been doing out there. Haven't been out in a few weeks because of work. I see the lake is finally getting a little back to normal levels (if normal is a thing at Pomme).
  14. I'm not a bass expert either. I sort of fish like a child . . . ask alot of questions, fish with what's been successful, and completely forget what I learned.
  15. Yes!!! Thank you Gumboot! Was curious if anyone has any info on the bass spawn right now????????????????????
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