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  1. Thanks, Bill. All of it is very much appreciated!!
  2. I want to cry. Fished all day yesterday and between us we caught ONE SMALL BASS!! Water temp was 57- 58-degrees, water was pretty off-colored, maybe the next step up from being muddy. Went all the way to Linn Creek cove and fished all around the coves just opposite and to the east of it. GREAT coves, big fish coves, but NOTHING!! We did everything and still nothing. BUT we were coming off of a significant cold front, too. Even the crappie are being tight-mouthed. Our daughter was supposed to come for crappie today, which is why we went bass fishing yesterday, but she reneged. So,
  3. Great. I have both those colors. Good deal. Thanks, again!!
  4. I have LOTS of Chompers AND lots of Warts. This is sort of what I was doing with the Wart this past week. We are heading out tomorrow. I will give this a try. What color chomper would you suggest? I doubt we had enough rain to muddy the water so the color should be excellent, just partially stained and clearing near the shoreline. Thanks, Mike. Kathy
  5. Water temp was 57.8 to 58.6, which should have been getting into ideal territory. NO signs of bedding activity yet. All hell is getting ready to bust loose, though. Maybe I should have tried a jig and pig but I did not.
  6. Okay, so we tried crappie on Wednesday but there were a bunch of people on our community dock -- only two of whom belonged there -- and they had cleaned out the crappie. We went out in the boat but had no luck. But we went out yesterday and I did catch a short bass on the orange Wiggle Wart. I would cast it all the way to shore where it would snag on leaves under the water 30% of the time. I mean, the fishing was sloooow BUT I did have THREE other strikes, even though I caught none of them. I was retrieving fairly slow most of the time although I would alternate with a retrieve, stop,
  7. Thank you, Basfis and slothman. We are planning to fish on both Wednesday and Thursday this week. I wish we could go out today and tomorrow but my husband has to finish up a job he started in our boat. I had been planning to use the Ned rig, as Bill Babler suggested, but now I will try the craw-colored Wiggle Wart first on gravel banks (maybe wait until the sun warms them a bit though) and also try the spinnerbait. What color spinner bait worked best? What blades and weight? Also, where were you fishing it? Was the water stained or muddy where you were fishing? Our water is clearing by
  8. Friend went out today and fished the Gravois where the water was very muddy. The water color mid-Lake is stained so that you can see a lure being brought in one or two feet under the water as it nears the boat. My friend caught two, neither one a keeper. She caught one on a Carolina rig and the other on a spinnerbait. Hubby and I will be going out again on Wednesday and possibly Thursday as we prepare to weather another month of (ugh!) social distancing. I am a loner, ordinarily, and I must admit I MISS SEEING PEOPLE!!
  9. I dip the crappie fillets in the buttermilk, then roll in seasoned flour and then into the Fry Daddy set at its highest possible heat setting. YUM!
  10. Hi, Bill! We were fishing around the 24 to 25 mm. I will have to try the ned. Had a couple of weak bites but may have been shad which were out in droves. I think we will be crappie fishing off the dock this weekend. I will let you know how we do. I bought buttermilk already so we are set!! LOL! Our friend snagged a huge spoonbill last weekend. His photos are awesome. Thanks for the tips. Good luck to you, too. Stay safe.
  11. Hubby and I were out 'social distancing' on the Lake yesterday and, boy, was the Lake crowded. Go-fasts, cruisers, and LOTS of bass boats. Even some pesky waverunners -- isn't it too early for those knotheads?? LOL! Anyway, we found 55-degree stained water near the backs of coves but caught NOTHING during our four hours of fishing. What's more, no one with whom we spoke from boat lengths away had caught anything either, unless they were lying to us. (No, LIE??) (LOL!) We were in a spot where we could see guys trying LOTS of different things but never saw anyone pull in a fish. We tried
  12. Everyone, you MUST join CFM right now! And those of you who are able to have GOT TO MAKE A DONATION! Right now, they are the only fighting force that is arrayed on our side against the MO Legislature. And their new director, Brandon Butler, wants to go after the legislators with (metaphorically speaking, of course,) both barrels blazing. But he needs OUR HELP TO DO SO. Please do what you can.
  13. Hidden away in the bill, as well, is a part that would deny legal redress to anyone injured by polluters or those who contaminate our waters and other natural resources, or at least that is what it seems to do. I cannot help but think of the West Lake Landfill, in Bridgeton (near St. Louis), where a smoldering, sub-surface fire is creeping steadily closer to the buried radioactive waste. Boy, I'll bet those landfill operators donate even more money to the legislators than the deer farmers do. With all that the legislators are trying to do to MDC, our free-flowing streams, our whitetai
  14. Blue tongue is not transmissible from whitetail to whitetail. It is NOT transmissible from cattle to deer or from deer to cattle. It is carried by a midge that gets into the deer's nose and lays its eggs there and which then proceed to release a virus that then raises havoc in the deer's system. Here is one scientific journal's description: A deer must be bitten by a midge carrying the virus to become infected. The disease is not transmitted directly from one deer to another but must go through the insect vector. And then there is this: Cattle SELDOM EXHIBIT signs of EHD, and even when t
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