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Looks Like Isaac Is Heading For Missouri

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Might help ease the drought some. Too bad it looks like it will be over Labor Day weekend.

The weather service is already warning of Flash flooding from small creeks. Be careful while camping.


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I was camping with my family when hurricane ike came through, at roaring river state park. The flooding was amazing, and dangerous. We were moved up to a higher campground by the camp staff. The next morning, the river was well above 8 feet higher than it was the day before. Be extremely careful if you are camping in the storms produced.

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I had one of the all-time best river fishing days right as the storm was moving over the area.

Its too bad that I gotta attend a wedding this weekend instead of fishing

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They are predicting the possibility of "flooding rains" at least in the central part of the state. Everyone needs to be careful out there. If it's as significant as they're saying, fishing during this, let alone camping along the river sounds like a really dangerous idea.

All that said, I am desperately hoping for rain, and lots of it. When the possibility of flooding comes when a few of your favorite streams are a series of pools seperated by expanses of bare gravel, it's hard to think of that as being all bad. We will see if it actually hits us. We've been a bit unfortunate at times when it comes to storm systems that seem to be obviously headed our way somehow dissipating just before they get here, or changing course at the last second. I'm not counting on anything until I see the rain falling.

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O'boy :( I have a couple of tall trees right at the house, a chinquapin oak and a cedar, plus a couple of big red oaks about 75' SW of the house. All of them are hanging on to 6" of topsoil.

In my immediate there are always a few big trees that come down when there is heavy rain with high winds.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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He's here!!! Looks like south central MO is getting a pretty good dousing. Moving awfully fast though to really make much of a dent in the drought.

-- Jim

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

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