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Flyfishing Lessons?


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Depends on what they cost and what your learning. There are lots of times when I'm guiding up in Alaska and wish the guest would have taken a few fly casting lessons before they came on a trip of a lifetime.

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Go visit Charlie Oneshot. He'll give you tips freely and he's probably not that busy right now. For all of his faults, he's a heck of a caster and he has that casting pond right in front of the shop. You could go see Roger's, but I doubt you would want to help out your son's competitor.

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I would second Charlie Reading in your neck of the woods. Or hire a flyfishing only guide for a day and have him teach you to cast. Or if you make it to St Louis, FeatherCraft and T Hargroves does them on the weekends sometimes. Usually you will get some good lessons just trying out a rod in the yard.

I took the Orvis class years ago and came up with some pretty good pointers. But I was self taught and my style was hard to change as it was already ingrained into me for several years of flyfishing before the class.

Keep an eye out, the fly shops usually have a fishing clinic weekend during the season and they go over basics there.

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