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Recent Pics From Holiday Island

wacky worm

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GRRRR... Froze my butttocks off Sunday trying for them ( no im not showing my froze buttocks ) But I think know where you were if your oint the white pontoon or as my brother called it "the luxery fishing barge" Way to go guys next time im bringing live bait, no doubt you got into them I saw tons of marks but couldnt get them to go.

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Congrats! Given the weather when you were there, you certainly earned EVERY one! I used to do that, but the zippers on my snow suit are defective now... they only go part way up... :-)

My buddy & I went Sunday 5-10PM. Hit all of our spots twice, nary a bite. We pulled the plug out of boredom. My calendar says it's getting late now (your timing was juussst right), but the thermometer, low water, and lack of flow may override/extend that.

As we passed under the 'gate', I marveled at how high in the air it seemed, remembering my last "good" year, when I had to remove the grab bar on my windsheild just to squeeze under to get back to the ramp.

Good times!

I can't dance like I used to.

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i am very lucky to know both of the guys that own the "motherships" (white pontoon boat called "the office") also brown one (walleye winnabago)

i have been lucky enough to catch fish off both of them

you can fish off these boats in extreme cold weather , go inside warm up, cook up some soup and sandwiches

get some coffee brewing, thaw you toes and fingers and get back after them

fish were caught on live bait

jigs and carolina rigs

you have to be very patient and pay your dues

i have been there many a time and not gotten a bite

said that this fishing is stupid,

but caught a 26 incher last year up river from the beaver town bridge

thanks for the nice comments

keep floating


Russ Stovall



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