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Smally I Got On The Gasconade Saturday


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Not a monster but the best one I've caught in a tournament. It weighed 2.85. Another boat weighed in a 3.08 so we didn't win big smally. After talking with the boat that caught the big smally it sounds like we caught both of them in almost the same spot but they got theirs early and we got ours late in the day. Mine hit a 3/8oz watermelon jig with a zoom super chunk trailer and the 3.08 was caught on a finesse worm rigged on a shakey head. I pitched up to some rocks and only pulled it a few feet and noticed some movement near the bait right as I felt dead weight and set the hook. It never jumped so I thought I had a carp or drum but was pumped when I seen it was a nice smally. It may or may not be my new personal best but it's really close to the one I caught a few months ago on the Gasconade.


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nice fish....what section are you one the upper, lower or middle gasconade.

Near Rich Fountain

How'd you end up in the tournament? Were you able to put 4 more good ones with it?

We ended up getting second with 7.78. Four were small mouth and we had one large mouth. My buddy had a 3.41 large mouth and got first with 8.70.

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I guess it would be middle but I'm honestly not sure how it's divided up. A lot of guys fish above hwy 44 but I've never been up there. Upper to me is the Jerome area, middle would be Rollins Ferry, and lower would be Helds island on down.

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