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Winter Fishing Seminars

Bill Babler

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Guys and gal's Phil Lilley is trying to put together a Winter seminar schedule. We would like your thoughts on who and what you would like to see to improve your area fishing knowledge.

Please give us some thoughts from equipment to areas to technics.

Anything is a possibility so if you have a topic, we will see if we can find the best people in the area to address it.

Thanks Bill and Phil

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I would like to hear more about cranking (deep and shallow) as well as spinner baits on TR. I spend the majority of time throwing jigs, soft plastics, finesse baits and jerk baits but would like to expand my horizons with different techniques I know I am not nearly as good with. Maybe a tutorial on A-Rigs as well as I have yet to catch anything but a few white bass on the darn things. I remember a couple of years ago Bill you did a podcast or two from your seminars and I loved being able to at least listen to them over the laptop. Thanks in advance.


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Seriously, a session on catching suspended fish. We all know they follow the shad, but what kind of places do these fish tend to hang out? What do they look like on a graph? What are the secrets to catching them?


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how about these guys that are catching 25+ lb bags of staging fish in feb and march, once in a while is one thing but some of those guys do it week in and out......how?

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