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Too Good To Be True?

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A new Tohatsu jet 50 HP powerhead 35 HP at the jet for $3110 shipped? From Indonesia. I am tempted, BOA Visa has always been good to me about getting what I paid for or not charging me.

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Been wondering about the quality of these Asian brands. Anyone know where they stand in the outboard food-chain? My fear would be parts and service/support.

The 2-stroke Nissan/ Tohatsu outboards are pretty simple in design and very reliable. Standard maintenance parts like impellers, seals, and carb kits are readily available but some replacement components like shafts, gears, and ignition parts can take months to get your hands on.....(a backorder from Japan situation goes about like you'd imagine).

Truthfully though, a Jap motor with an ignition problem is pretty darn rare. Stay up on your maintenance, don't abuse it too much, and those motors will run strong for a long time.

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No. 35hp powerhead / 18hp at the pump. Be careful !

The Tohatsu Jet is rated at the pump, that is why they are selling so many in areas with the 25 hp limit:

Don’t limit your hunting and fishing locations. With Tohatsu’s new 35hp Jet Drive TLDI® you can reach waters that are difficult to reach with a propeller-driven outboard.

Equipped with a factory-installed jet drive, this new engine uses the power of our 50hp TLDI® and is also backed by a 5 year limited warranty. Choose this new model and you can expect a reliable, tough engine that will be your partner out on the water for a very long time.


That is a super price but???????

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says electric which is a required, but is less than half price of one around here? Wish I knew someone who had delt with this outfit?

Oh ok, didn't see that. It IS electric start, right? You don't wanna be strong-arming a 50 very many times :)

“If a cluttered desk is a sign, of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign?”- Albert Einstein

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I had a 25 Nissan for years, which unless i'm mistaken was the same motor as a Tohastsu, it was very reliable, never a minutes trouble, and I ran it hard back then.

There's no such thing, as a bad day fishing!

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Tohatsu must be a little secret that most rednecks want kept quiet....

My brother-in-law (avid duck hunter) swears by these motors. So much be bought a rebuilt outboard. He doesn't know the details but swears lots of "good ole boys" in the South Arkansas Delta (rich in ducks) are buying these outboards (not jets) and overhauling the motors with performance parts and such. He said just about everyone in the delta is running the Tohatsu because they are leaving everyone else behind them. A 1650 flat bottom loaded with 3-4 hunters, 1-2 dogs, gear, decoys, etc on a 25hp outboard running mid-30's easy.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too but my nephew, brother-in-law and a couple of other guys were there and they all swear they are "super bad" when they are hopped up.

Look into it. Might be something into it and I hear they are very reliable. I know that when I see a flat bottom with a Tahotsu, I respect it and know it's probably been "hot-rodded". LOL

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He will treat you like family!!! I owe fishinwrench a lot of thanks. He has been a great mechanic with lots of patience!

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