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dam area 3/17 to 3/19

Bass Enforcer

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Hey guys just wanted to share with you my weekend experience.  I fished Thursday Friday and Saturday.  Thursday i got on the water at near dark and only fished for about an hour. Actually never started the big motor. I caught a few shorts and about a 3lb spot on a rock crawler 5 fow. Friday i got back out at about 10. I went up to long creek. I had my nephew and grandpa with me. (Neither of which could cast) they just don't fish much and had never been on a big lake. They enjoyed the time out. My nephew caught 5 on a shakey head in about 5 foot of water. My grandpa probably knocked a few out with his lure as it usually hit the water really hard right at the boat. We ended up with 11 that day about half were keepers the other half were dinks. I caught my 6 on a rock crawler or a jig. I broke two nice ones off in the back of a creek right off the bank with a jig. Saturday came around. Grandpa decided to stay at the cabin. My nephew and i went back out. We first stayed near the dam. Again he threw the shakey head and caught 5 more. This time he caught his biggest fish to date. You would have thought that 2lb fish was a 5 lbr.  I stuck with a jig fishing right on the bank. We later went to long creek. Throwing the jig with a twin tail grub as my trailer and the shakey head throwing it right on the bank. When it would fall off the ledge rock they would take the bait. Some would hit it and some would just take it in. You really had to be paying attention.  We went back to the dam area and fished some docks with a white spinner bait. I was throwing it behind the docks and under the cables against the dock and caught one nice one while my buddy in another boat was doing the same thing . They caught a nice 4 lb lm and a a 2 lb small mouth. Sorry i have  to end the report on a bad note. But on my way back from long creek my boat started running rough.after running all the way to springfield (not knowing where else to go) I grabbed a fuel filter.  That was the fix. Then...when i took off I spun a hub. Fished the rest of the day with the trolling motor and caught a few more pitching in the scrub brush again literally right off the bank. Later on in the afternoon everything slowed way down after 4 not another bite. Good luck to everyone. Sorry it's such a long report.

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Thanks for the report. Good information about that jib bite. 


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We like long reports. With many, many details.

I hate boats. My plans to clean and set up reels Sunday were derailed when I opened the rod box and the lid fell off the hinge where Ranger had riveted it on. Maybe Johnny will use something of higher quality in the future. Like double sided tape ;).

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