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3-24-16 Fishing Report Upper Bull Shoals


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Cajunangler and I put in a full day (12 plus hours) in less than pleasant weather on upper Bull SHoals. Wind was miserable, but not bad enough to prevent us from fishing. Wind chill was considerably lower than the thermometer, but for whatever foolish reason I let the 50 degree temp dissuade me from bring enough cool weather. I suffered for my sins, but again, I fished thru it.

We fished water that was mild to moderately stained. Water temps from 51.6 to 56. wind was omnipresent and blew from crazy bad to "when will this crap ever end" bad. We were never able to get out of the wind, bit we enjoyed any slight break in the wind we could find.

We put roughly 50 fish in the boat. Only 4 of which where not bass. Lots and lots and lots of keepers. Cajunangler had the best fish of the day. A 20 inch LMB that weighed in at 5 lbs 1 oz on a digital scale. cajunangler also caught the one walleye put in the boat and the one smallmouth bass of the day. Mostly spots and largemouth.

Fish were cooperative, but particular. Location, location, location. We didn't run out of fish or places to fish them. We ran out of time. The fish seemed grouped in small areas and required fairly precise presentation to get bit. It wasn't really fast fishing, but it sure was fun when you got on a group of them. I need to get better at eliminating water without fishing thru it.

I caught my first few RK fish and lost my first RK. I also lost a new Wart that had never even gotten a bite. I love Zebra mussels. We caught most of our fish on soft plastics on jigheads. Ned rig caught very few fish. I did force fed a few with it, but a very few. I caught more on a RK than on a NED. Pains me to say it, but its true.

Bull Shoals is showing the full effects of high water years and the resulting high recruitment. I love this lake.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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I was on the lake also during all the bad weather. I had to force myself to go out in some very windy cold days. Boy was I glad I did! I had several very good days. Not many largemouths though. I caught a lot of spots and smallies. Caught a 4-1/4 lb spot(the largest I've caught on this lake) and several smallies over 3 lbs. Ham is right as location was everything. 

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Yep, we have been telling everyone to enjoy the next few years because it might not always be as good as it is now!!

maybe during those not so good spawning years you could toss in a few of those "super bass" ;)


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