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Dumbest smallmouth ever.


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I referenced this guy last week. Why is he the dumbest? Well, he let me catch him once on a Ned, then on a rogue.

Today I caught him again, on a different color Ned. Same fish. Note the sore on his gill flap. This fish has not moved from the same Bank/pile in two weeks. Crazy.


BTW, the smart and healthy ones were pretty dumb today too. I am about sick of braid though.


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Take a hint Dave. He wants to go home with you to Kansas. Reconfigure your hoard of tackle and make some space for a 100 gallon tank for your new friend. You already think like a fish so communication should come naturally. Probably have him rolling over and playing fetch with a hookless ned before you know it.

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I looks about the right size and shape for a lamprey wound, but it isn't the right time of year really. I usually see a lot more of them attached late summer/early fall (if memory serves).

I wonder how many other fish you have caught multiple times, but they don't have any marks to help you to remember them by. I bet it is more than a couple. Catch and release works and we should all be glad that you don't like to eat smallies. I remember saying that you don't like to eat fish at all.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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This year has been the most fish that I have caught where someone else has caught them, noting a cull pin hole in the bottom lip or a tear out of a mouth from someone hooking it on a different outing.  C@R is nothing but a positive.  If you notice when alot of boats/tournaments have been happening the fishing gets tough, that is due to the fish feeling the pressure or adapting and moving around.  

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