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Trout north of the Missouri River?


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So I was always told there were no trout north of the Missouri River.  

I was doing some research on the Big creek in Foristell MO just outside St. Charles county and saw on one of the links to Hook and Bullet that they said there were Brown Trout in the creek?  Found an elusive post on another fishing website from a guy that said there are trout north of St. Louis, but he never said where.  I know they do the winter stocking programs at the lakes and such, but looking beyond that.

I am assuming with a spring fed creek you may get some areas which could sustain trout water temp wise, but was wondering if there was any truth to this?  Totally understand if nobody want to give up the secrets, but a confirmation would be great either way, and I'll be doing some on the ground investigation this weekend no matter what :) 

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That;s neat. I will consider him the new  record  holder from now on.  I have caught a few below the trailer park in my time. Ever hear from him anymore?

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