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OA New Year's Day Get Together


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Haven't seen it mentioned yet, so I thought I would start.

If anybody new to the forum doesn't know, there has been a pot luck get together of OzarkAnglers members on New Year's Day for several years. Located at the pavillion by Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatcher below Tabke Rock dam.

We usually start a list of who is coming, and what they might be bringing to share, and enjoy with other members. Along with plenty of fellowship, and fish stories.

I will be there with my almost authintic, semi-genuine Cajun Jambalaya.

Kinda got an idea that somebody might be bringing those yummy Seahorses too.


Real men go propless!

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Sheila and I will be there.  Will come up with something to bring.


Eat, Fish, Sleep,....Repeat

Member: ozarkflyfishers http://www.ozarkflyfishers.org/

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