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Fishing property


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My Dad told me that he
wants to buy fishing property. 
Needs to be flatter slope, creek or water hole/pond. Something that I could build a private lake. 
Or maybe even a boat dock & small parcel of land at the right lake or river. 
Emphasis on crappie & bass 

150 mile radius of Fayetteville 

$200k budget 
Any ideas?
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just have to look, many people want them, but few can afford $150k for a private honey hole, and fewer can have a job in our area that allows you to live on said property....another place with pits is near Butler/Appleton City near Montrose....back in the 80's you could by lake lots on TR for $3500.

I found 3 for sale for a brit I know who lives in KC, from 120k to 170k, ......hard part is having the money because most banks won't loan on those kinds of places, that keeps the prices down...I could go on but I am sure a quick google you will see the same

MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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At Nevada up 71, you start finding good clay to work with to build a lake if you go that route. USGS has extensive maps to predict water holding you’ll want to reference before buying. Seeing water and holding water don’t always align. 

Lots of dry ponds in the ozarks if it quits raining. 

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8 hours ago, MoCarp said:

there are a few big private lakes, but your talking millions to buy or build

All depends on the size. Having owned, altered and developed duck lakes in the Osage valley, I can assure you it is much cheaper than that unless 100’s of acres are involved. 

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