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Short Fishing Report, March 1

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I'll tell ya what I've seen and heard...

Yes there's threadfin shad coming through the turbines and into Taney.  I think there's been a good number of them but they're not coming through all the time.  And all sizes too - small and big ones.

Was up there yesterday from about 2-4 pm and saw them as I pulled up to the cable.  And I saw them as I finished my first drift at Trophy Run.  But didn't see many at all from that time forward- they stopped coming through.

They come through in schools so it makes sense that they're not coming through all the time.

I caught a few fish yesterday and this morning, but not a lot.  They were all over a white jig like you'd think.  Did catch some rainbows that had big bellies but caught others that only had medium sized bellies- they'd been eating but not pigging out like the plump ones.

Excited though...  sure is fun when we get a shad hatch.

Table Rock is now dropping.  It's high point was 916.48 this morning at 2 am and it's not 916.38 and falling .02-.03 feet per hour.  They have backed off on generation from oh so slightly, not enough to see much change in elevation or flow.

The other hot spot is the creeks.  Turkey, Coon and Roark are full of trout.  And I'm sure they'll be full of boats by the weekend.

Be careful with these high floats... we almost lost a couple of guests this morning.  Jon boat lodged against a dock above Trout Hollow's dock.  They got it free only to over steer and sped into the resort's dock and over turn.  The owner, Lineal, happened to be watching, and was able to pull both men out of the water before they rolled under his dock.  He's a lifesaver x 2. 


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