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Fishing Report 6/8/19


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My wife and I had guests from Louisiana in this weekend. With work in the way, they made a flying trip up arriving Friday evening and departing Sunday early afternoon. 

David and Patricia are a little younger than us. Patricia is a part of my Minden Medical Center work family. Our kids were schoolmates and friends. They are set to marry in August. 

David likes to fish, but had been so busy with work that he had not been in a few years ( 😬). Patricia and Krista wanted to fish also. 

River was dingy yesterday, but had cleared at Cotter. They were running perfect jig water 3000 cfs or so. I was stoked.

 I have grown fond of the lower river and the relative lack of guide boats so I took off for Buffalo Shoals. This was a mistake. 

I’m guessing Crooked Creek is dumping more dirty water than I anticipated. Water was stained, but not muddy. It did make for a slower bite though. Lesson learned. 

Well, David did pretty well with Zig Jigs. Krista did fine again, but lost a > 20 inch Brown boatside and that bummed her out. Patricia struggled with casting and struggled with catching, but she did catch a few. 

I did ok. I caught a decent hen Brown. I caught a good number of plus size model trout. They are fat and happy. 

I lost a sea monster of a Brown that I never saw, but from the way it handed me my hat I know was LARGE. David caught a real nice male Brown trout and was thrilled. 

The Buffalo River is pumping out an unbelievably  large amount of chocolate milk. The river below the confluence is a No Fly Zone for a while. 

I did witness something I had never seen before. The Buffalo is running so high the water coming down the White can’t push through it and is backing up. The lower half of Buffalo Shoals was innudated and there was no flow. All my landmarks were flooded out and I could not get the slack water.  I was lost as a goose for a few seconds and then I figured it out. 

Beautiful Day on the water and a fun trip. David mentioned wanting to make annual trips up to visit. 


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Sounds like a good outing.

I saw that bad water a couple of days ago after fishing at Ackerman. I drove down to the Norfork confluence and it looked like the Mississippi .

I've had better fishing from Cotter upstream to the dam. No big feeder creeks to mess up the water. Water is clear and starting to see some Sulphur's hatching. 

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47 minutes ago, ZigJigman said:

Has the moss problem  cleared up any?

Moss is still a problem but not as bad as a few weeks ago.

From what I understand it grows in the late winter/early spring during high water releases, which we had earlier this year. Then when the water goes down it dies and floats down the river.

It is not much of a problem if you are dead drifting a fly with the current but if you try to swing a fly or try to strip back upstream you will pick up a wad.

BTW that stuff is pretty tough to clear off the line/lure🤬

Warning! You have violated a rule we haven’t made up yet.

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